DIY Bulk Email Server Guide

With years of testing, I got the best solution for all your e-marketing needs. A system that will ensure best email deliverability and once setup is super easy to use.

A Complete Guide how to setup a Perfect Bulk Email Server and use it for transactional or newsletter emailing without any sending limits, with IP rotation, domain masking, automatic bounce processing, Feedback loops and everything else that is required for perfect deliverability.

  • Turn-key Solution

    Follow my guide and you will end up with a Perfect Email System that is ready for bulk sending.

  • Powerful EMS

    Forget about outdated Interspire and MailWizz. Use the most powerful Email Marketing Application.

  • Unbeatable MTA

    Smart queue, custom domain rules, backoff rules, automatic bounce processing from logs, ...

  • Stay in INBOX

    Spintax, Domain Masking, Campaign and IP Rotation and Blacklist Monitoring, ...

  • Bounce processing

    Automatic bounce processing from MTA log files

  • Secure setup

    Secure Linux based system with firewall and login protection

  • FBL

    Automatic Feedback Loop processing to avoid landing in spam

  • Automatic backups

    Never lose your data, set auto backups to Dropbox or FTP.

  • Free SSL

    Protect your data from man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • DomainKeys

    Valid DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) records

  • Sender Policy

    Valid Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records

  • Message Authentication

    Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC)

  • Backoff

    Automatic backoff rules in case of delivery problems

  • Domain rules

    Custom domain rules to ensure best delivery rates

  • Triggers

    Manage your lists with triggers for best conversions

  • Split tests

    Get best stats with split (A/B) tests

  • Domain masking

    Mask your main domain with multiple remote domains

  • Tracking

    Track real-time advanced statistics along with Geo Location

  • IP Rotation

    Multi MTAs/SMTPs with smart queue

  • Blacklist monitoring

    Turn off IPs and domains that are added to selected blacklists automatically

And a lot more

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Send Without Limits

When starting with email marketing business the first thing you have to consider is what you want? Luckily the choice is pretty simple:

Email Service Provider (ESP)

When talking about ESP we think about services like MailChimp, Aweber, Getresponse, … Where customers sign up and get access to the dashboard in minutes. But there are some rules that some of us just can’t live with.

In-house system

A system on your dedicated server or VPS with complete freedom about what kind of content you send and who you send it to. We want this kind of service where we aren’t limited by rules and policies. Freedom all the way straight to potential future customers inbox. Of course, there is a lot of technical work that needs to be done and it needs to be done right to ensure perfect email deliverability.

Email marketing is hard with writing all newsletters, autoresponders, doing A/B tests, making triggers and so on. Even if you do everything perfect and your system has not been configured the way it should be all your hard work will be for nothing. Your emails will end up in Spam or what is even worst they will bounce without ever being delivered.

Got lists and now you want to start emailing, but you don’t know how?

You are in a right place so don’t worry. You will find every possible information you can think of about setting up, configuring, maintaining and using a perfect bulk email server without any sending limits.

Yeah, we are talking about some serious technical stuff, that this isn’t the same as setting up an email account in outlook. Here we need to configure everything from IPs, vhosts, protect and hide the server, to making sure domain masking, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, rDNS and everything else works to ensure best possible delivery rates. The end result will be a fully configured bulk email server that is capable of sending millions of email per month and will give you a perfect 10/10 score on and other similar newsletter spam test tools.

Of course, the same setup can be used with other EMS software like Interspire Email Marketer, MailWizz, and so on. I just prefer and suggest Mumara to my clients as it turned out to be the most updated and best in all my years of testing.

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  • Several tried and Onyx fixed it. Listen to this dude he knows what he is doing! Now I am going to go send some email 😀 Read more on Trust Pilot

  • I usualy don't post reviews at least not good ones but in the sea of scammers that sell similar services I found a true gentleman. Onyx was the best and most communicative system admin I have ever meet. Read more on Trust Pilot