About me

I’ve got many suggestions that I should add about me page and add a more personal note. Here we go:

You can call me Onyx and I would like to stay anonymous.

Ok, I’ll try harder.

I am a crippled old man, but it is not my fault. I was minding my business and enjoying my morning downhill ride on my bike. Birds were singing, but I couldn’t care less for that. I was going fast and allowed my bike to be a bit out of control. I am an adrenaline junkie and having your bike under full control well it’s just not fun. So like I said I was minding my own business and didn’t even care about birds when all of the sudden a tree jumped in front of me. I swear I didn’t do anything wrong it was the tree that moved!

I don’t think you can imagine how hard I crashed. The worst part? There was no one around, and I love my bikes so I couldn’t just leave it there even tho it was bent and broken. The last thing I remember after what seemed like hours of walking is that I finally saw a living person. Then I woke up in a hospital where I spent next 6 months. Luckily I was in good shape so getting back to where I am now wasn’t that hard. No, I am just trying to make it look nice. It was hard and painful. Doctors told me I can be happy that I am still walking when I left the hospital, but they didn’t know I am a ninja.

I am not in the same I was before. But I am getting there. I am also not riding downhill anymore which I really do miss. However, I still can’t live without a (full suspension) bike. I tried! I can still enjoy sports, but I can’t go as far as I could before.

Now the logical conclusion would be that while I was rehabilitating, I learned how to work with computers. Well no.

My first computer was ZX Spectrum (google it, and yes that is a computer). My first PC was IBM 286 with 4 (!) MB RAM and 80 MB HDD and 5,25” floppy. For that time this was a monster. After a few years (after BBS) Internet became publicly available.

I switched computers (more monsters) and jobs. I worked for ISPs, data security companies, as a consultant, … I have so many certificates people think I am joking when I tell them. But then I wanted more free time. Now I do what I want and love.

I continue to learn new things, and I still love trees. And I even take a break from time to time and listen to birds now.

Clients said

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