How to send millions of emails

Or better yet how to send millions of emails and avoid getting blacklisted

A simple question with not so simple solution. Sending millions of emails isn't impossible but requires some thinking and work done first.

Even if you did buy your list you should always make sure it is as clean as possible and try to segment it as much as possible. This is hard to do if your bought contact list came only with email addresses. But you could still get info from your contacts like country and what device are they using. Little this can help you with list segmentation and you can better target your audience.

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ninjaHow to send millions of emails

How to reduce email bounce rate

Uh oh, you bought/scraped a huge list and was like “whooo, I am going to be rich in two days”. You started sending and soon you realised your delivery rates aren't that good and a lot of your emails bounce. So you asked your friend an expert for an advice and he stopped answering your calls since he has no idea what to do. Follow this tips to reduce email bounce rate and to get your bulk email system work instead of you.

Do it like a pro

It's not easy being a spammer. I know most of my customers are and I have to deal with their problems all the time. But since I also started like a spammer I had a good background knowledge and my so called perfect bulk email system (my customers gave it this name) is built from step 1 to achieve best possible results no matter where you got your lists.

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ninjaHow to reduce email bounce rate

Mumara – The Best Email Marketing Application

Mumara is nextgen email marketing software that made my life a lot easier.

I am a heavy email sender and was going crazy with Interspire email marketer and MailWizz. I came to the point where I almost quit everything because doing anything in before mentioned programs require too much clicking and is very time-consuming. Even a simple task like splitting lists into more smaller parts is a hard job.

Anyhow, I almost quit everything even tho it was bringing in good money. Well, luckily I didn’t. I found a new email marketing software that changed my life. First I bought one licence, then I bought my second licence. I soon realised that if I want this software on all my servers it isn’t going to be cheap. Good thing for my wallet was that I am tech savvy so I took matters into my own hands and cracked or nulled it so I was able to use it on as many servers as needed.

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ninjaMumara – The Best Email Marketing Application