Bulk Email Server Guide: Add Domain to CloudFlare

Before we begin with our bulk email server setup it's recommended to prepare your domain(s). If we do this now we'll avoid unnecessary waiting when we'll need our domain working and ready.

add domain to cloudflare
In this step, we'll take a look at the process of adding your domain name to CloudFlare. Of course, you can use any DNS hosting you want, but CloudFlare does have some advantages apart from being really fast with propagating your DNS changes.

For now, we will only add domains to CloudFlare so if you already have nameservers set and are happy with them you can just skip to the next step. We'll create all DNS records in the next steps.

What you'll need:

After you are logged into CloudFlare:

  • Click on "Add Site" in the upper right,
  • Enter your domain name and click on "Begin scan",
  • Wait for the scan to finish and select Free account in the next step,
  • Copy/paste name servers to appropriate fields within your domain registrar dashboard.
  • Click continue and for faster processing refresh NS settings.

Your domain name is now added to CloudFlare and will be ready to use within 30 minutes. Usually, you can start using it right away.

If you want to check how your DNS changes are propagated around the world use Whatsmydns. More info is in Tools section.

You are now ready to start with your Bulk Email Server setup. First, we'll get the Main server up and running.

Having problems?
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  1. ninja

    Here are most frequent problems users have in this step.

    My domain is not working
    Make sure you changed your name servers and set correct A record that is pointing to IP of your server.

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