This guide is meant for those that would like a to start with email marketing or those that already do it but want to improve their current system setup.

It can be used with your double opt-in list, a list you bought online, a list you scraped off some site, etc. This really doesn't matter.

Why did I decide to publish it?

Mostly to help my customers with their system setup and configuration. Now they can save their money and my time by following this guide to add new IPs, domains, SMTPs, or to even set up a new bulk email system.

Another reason is to help newcomers to start with a perfect system setup. It took me years to get everything to the point where it's working how I want.

Isn't that nice from me? Yes and no. I know from experience that a lot of those that will follow my guide will need my help. Even tho you will follow a step by step guide it doesn't mean it will be easy. If you do manage to get it to work (even if it's on your fifth try) I salute you. You obviously have enough skills and a nice work ethic to do even bigger things. If you are interested contact me. I am always looking for bright people to help me with my projects.

If you do decide to follow my guide please read everything before you start.

Have fun and don't send me an email from your new bulk email system. 😉

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