What makes my system different?

What could it be and why are there so many people raving about this?

Well apart from the fact that I put a great amount of work into every detail of my server there is something that completely changed the way I send out marketing champagnes but we'll get to that.

Besides that, there is also something very important that I notices a lot of my client forgot about. Most will either buy a configured server or spend a few days configuring and after that, it is game on. Send at speeds that are not normal for new email systems. What happens is that in a matter of days delivery rate drops and there is no way to recover.

So I always warm up my sending IPs and domains like described in my warm up guide. And this is what I actually wanted to say before. I monitor everything that is going on and reconfigure and test until I am happy with where my emails go after I press send.

Of course, I am using PowerMTA like all the heavy email senders do (or at least they should) on my sending servers, but what totally changed how I send emails is the Email Management Software (EMS) I am using.

Believe me, I tested everything from open source to Interapire, MailWizz.and so on. The truth, I would never go back.

What makes this ESM so unique?

First, let me just say that all before mentioned applications have at least one feature that makes your life easier and at least 5 that makes your life a living hell.

Luckily the EMS I am using picked the best features of all most popular Email Management Softwares and packed it into something really amazing.

Here are just some of the features that impressed me the most:

  • Complete integration with PowerMTA (PMTA)
    Enter login info, domains and IPs and with a click of a button, all the hard work is done for you. Yes, you will get a config for your PMTA, DKIM keys will be where they should be, SMTP and bounce (return path) emails will be imported, everything to make domain masking works will be provided so all you have to do is copy 1 file to your public HTML folder.
  • Domain masking and Message-ID
    Mask links in your emails to improve delivery rates to Inbox and have all emails with correct Message-ID!
  • Bounce processing from PMTA logs
    This will be all done when you complete the above-mentioned integration with filling some simple data and clicking on buttons.
  • Content rotation
    Spintax isn't something new but the cam rotation is something completely different. Select multiple marketing emails and send them to selected list all at once. Each contact will only get one email so don't worry but combined with text spinning there is no limits to what you can do.
  • Evergreens
    Schedule your best performing emails to be sent out regularly on weekly, monthly, ... bases. Combined with the campaign and text spinning you can get a set it and forget it system.
  • Schedule multiple campaigns at once
    You must know the feeling when you set a schedule for a month ahead in Interspire. It's boring and requires a lot of clicking. Here you can set schedules for an unlimited amount of campaigns and send each to its own list at its own time.
  • Multiple SMTP
    Group SMTP for easier selection and use as many as you want. Let us mention this just to talk about IP rotation.

Of course, there are also other features but above mentioned really changed my work flow and turned what was boring in Interspire and others into something that easy and doesn't require me to click around like a crazy person.

Like you can imagine a software like this isn't cheap but since you are probably using a nulled version of Interspire this should not be a problem.

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