Maborak Interspire Email Marketer Plugins

Maborak plugins are amazing and can really extend features of Interspire email marketer

Interspire Email Marketer is, however, a powerful app on its own but it’s a bit outdated and by default, it is missing some features an email power sender like me can't live without. Everything we see in other less popular email marketing applications is also in Interspire. But what if you need more and want to extend its features. Well here is where Maborak plugins come really handy.

If you haven't heard of them you should check them out, but do keep in mind they are rather pricey. That is the main reason why most users will simply download cracked or nulled version of available Maborak plugins.

But what can they do?

Maborak plugins will extend Interspire Email Marketers features to the point you thought is impossible. So if you need this features maybe it's not a bad idea to buy them. But nulled/cracked versions will also do just fine, but there is no support (doh).

Here is a quick overview of some of the best and most popular Maborak plugins:

  • Multiple MTA with IP Monitor
    With Multiple MTA addon, you can choose more than one SMTP/MTA Account in each email Campaign. The IP-Monitor feature will help you to understand your Score Reputation and Blacklists.
  • Feedback Loops Processor
    Feedback Loops Addon has been created to handle the SPAM Complaints made by Subscribers against your IP's. The Addon will unsubscribe immediately the Email Complaint to avoid Decrease your IP Reputation or get some Blacklist from major ISP's.
  • Spinning with Content and URL rotator
    With spinner addon you will be able to rotate all the Interspire Email Marketer fields: Subject, Campaign HTML Content, Campaign Text Content, Send From This Name, Send From This Email Address, Send Reply Emails to, Send Bounced Emails to, Company Address, Default HTML Email Footer, Default Text Email Footer
  • Geo-IP Tracking Statistics
    With GeoLocation Addon you will be able to implement Geo-IP Tracking in your Email Campaigns.
  • PowerMTA remote bounce processor
    PowerMTA is a great Mail Server to handle large Email Campaigns and is used by the most respected ESP's online like Mailchimp. So, based on the PowerMTA usage in Interspire Installations we created the perfect add-on to process 100{68e7e9a41b18d877ce48f6781f70190f02eae72a8a860d5cd4744b65c53b0402} correctly all bounces generated by Email Campaigns and processed by PowerMTA.

Is there a better alternative?

I am so glad you asked and yes there is. I have replaced all my Interspire installs with a new email marketing application that does not rely on plugins for extra features a power sender needs. Everything you ever wanted and more is included. Compared to Interspire, MailWizz, Sendy and others it’s like going a few years into the future.

Check some of the features that made the biggest impression on me:

  • PowerMTA integration
  • PowerMTA automatic configuration (yes it will do everything for you)
  • Mandrill integration
  • Automatic creation of DKIM private and public keys
  • Split contact lists by number of lists or by number of contacts with 1 click
  • Clone contact lists and email campaigns
  • Evergreen campaign (send on daily/weekly/monthly basis)
  • Spin any text anywhere to avoid spam filters
  • Domain masking (done with htaccess or cname)
  • Multi threads
  • And a lot more

Is it expensive?

Not as much as Maborak plugins but it is not free. If you are interested go to Perfect email system guide or click here to found out more. And yes, all above-mentioned features you get with Maborak plugins come by default. 😉

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