In previous sections, we have learned about drip campaigns where you create a sequence of emails for a predefined schedule. In this section, we’ll learn how criteria-based campaigns work that we refer to as “Follow-Ups” which is the basis of marketing automation in Ninja EMS.

In this Article..

  • How can I set up criteria-based emails in Ninja EMS?
  • Where can I view existing Follow-Ups?

Under the head of automation on the main navigation, you’ll be able to find “Follow-ups”. The idea behind this is that you create a subset of your subscribers meeting specific criteria, and the system automatically sends the email to the contacts meeting the set criteria. Let’s see how we set up all this. Click “Add Follow-Up” from the top left side area of the page where you land after clicking “Auto Follow-Ups” from the main navigation. This pops up a setup window on your screen with the following preferences, settings, and fields to fill.


A toggle option to mark this campaign as “Active” or “Inactive”, only the campaigns with active status will be processed for sending.


Keep an internal system reference of your “Follow-up” that helps to recognize the campaign easily. It is better if you name the campaign according to the criteria you are planning to set, i.e. for Opens Only.


Here comes the basis of your criteria-based campaigns. There are a couple of ways/routes you can utilize to set up the criteria. You can click “Segments” from the main navigation under “Automation” to create segments/criteria. All these segments are listed here so that you can select existing criteria. Alternatively, you can click the small plus sign (+) to set up new criteria for this campaign. Click the following link to learn more about the sending criteria you can create.


All existing campaigns in the system are listed here. You can select the preferred one from the list. You can choose from the existing ones, or create new content for these criteria-based campaigns by clicking the small plus (+) button.  

How can I create Campaigns?

Sending Server

Select a mail delivery service or sending server from the list of available options you’ve configured with your Ninja EMS account. If you haven’t configured any sending option yet, you won’t be able to complete this process. Click the following link to learn how to add a sending server or mail delivery service in Ninja EMS.

Configure Sending Server

Click “Save” to save your preferences, “Exit” to leave the page without saving, and “Save and Add another” to save the current preference and reopen the page for a new entry.

Where can I view existing Follow-ups?

You can view all currently available campaigns list by clicking “Follow-ups” from the main navigation. The following columns are part of the view table and show the following set of information concerning every campaign in the list.

  • Name- Name of the campaign, every row under this column shows a separate campaign, and columns next to this provide information concerning the specific Follow-up.
  • Segment- Name of the segmented criteria selected for recipients to qualify for receiving the follow-up.
  • Campaign- Name of campaign (content) selected to send to the qualified recipients
  • Active– It can be either Yes or No, according to your selected settings
  • Created– Time and date when the campaign is created

Under the Actions

How can I edit Follow-ups?

The last column of the view table is, actions and the first among the actions is Edit specific campaign. You can edit and update all previously selected settings and preferences.

How can I Delete Follow-ups?

Like other view pages here too you can delete a specific record by clicking “Delete” under the “Actions” from the table, and can “Delete” multiple records by ticking the checkboxes from the first column and then selecting “Delete” under the “Actions” menu which is placed on the top right side of the page.