In Ninja EMS, statistics of different types of campaigns are arranged under separate pages on the main navigation. This specific article discusses the statistics and reporting page of the Drip emails.

In this Article...

  • Where can I see the analytics and reports of drip emails?
  • How can I see the Opens and Clicks of my drip emails?

From the main navigation under the “Statistics” click “Drips” and the resulting page will show you statistics and reports of your sent drip campaigns. If you’ve read the article on the statistics of General Campaigns, you are likely to understand most of the information given on the Drips page too easily. This article is just an overview of how the statistics of drip campaigns appear.


Every row under this column of the name has a separate drip and the rows next to the name provide information, statistics, and insights of this drip.


Groups are the binding components of a drip sequence, and rows under this column show the names of groups different drips belong.

More about Drip Groups


The counter shows the total number of recipients who have received a specific drip.


The date and time when the drip was created and saved in its respective group

More Detailed Insights

Clicking the detailed icon under this column will lead you to the detailed page where nearly everything is similar to what we have discussed earlier in the article discussing the General Campaign stats. You can refer to the More Detailed Insights under the article of the General Campaigns, and you’ll find sufficient information about the tabs, Summary, Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Spam, and Logs.