When you click “View all Drips” from the sub-menu of “Drips” on the main navigation, it will drop you on the page where the table lists all the drip groups and the drips. Like the structure of other view pages like Lists and Campaigns, here too the sequence is arranged in the form of a tree, where all drips are arranged under their respective groups.

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  • How can I edit and delete Drip Groups?
  • How can I view and manage Drips?

How can I edit Drip Groups?

As earlier mentioned, the tree of drips is arranged under their respective groups. The group in the top row has three different icons to help you perform various useful actions; the first from the left is editing the group name.

How can I Delete the Group?

Both the next icons are for performing the delete action but with a slight difference.

  • Delete Group by Keeping Drips- The middle icon will help you delete the group but by keeping its drips. When you confirm the alert message to proceed with delete, it pops-up the group names window on your screen to select another group to move its drips too. So it only deletes the drip group and not the drips.
  • Delete both Group and Drips- This icon helps you delete both, the group as well as the drips belonging to the specific group.

View and Managing Drips

Each row under a specific group represents a separate drip. The columns show the following set of information concerning every drip.

  • Name-The name of the drip that you have assigned to keep an identifiable reference of the specific drip
  • Group– The group to which the drip belongs to
  • Campaign– It shows the campaign name which is selected for a specific drip
  • Send– Your selection of the time to send the drip, it would be either instantly or the custom-selected timeline for sending.
  • Created– Date when the drip was being created and saved in the system

Under the Actions

How can I edit Drips?

The final among the columns is “Action” which carries a dropdown of more than a few actions to perform. First among these actions is “Edit” clicking which the system will lead you to the edit drip page. You’ve the ability to edit and update nearly all previously saved information and preferences.

How can I move Drips?

Clicking move will ask you choose a group to move specific drip from its existing group to the newly selected one.

How can I delete Drips?

Like other view pages, deleting can work both ways here too. Deleting a specific record or selecting multiple records by ticking the checkboxes under the very first column of the table, and then press the bulk delete above the right side corner of the table.