After you’ve created a few HTML templates using the drag-and-drop builder within Ninja EMS, let’s learn how you can view, manage, and use these templates.

In this Article...

  • Where do I View and Manage existing templates?
  • How can I use an existing HTML template in a new campaign?

When you click “Templates” under “Forms/Layouts” the resulting page will show you a list of all available templates in the system.  Following is the information that the columns of the table show concerning the templates.

  • ID– Every record in the table is assigned with a unique ID
  • Name– Name of the template that was provided while creating it using the template builder
  • Created– It marks the date and time when the template was created and saved in the system

Under the Actions

How can I edit an existing template?

For every template in the table, an edit icon is placed under the “Actions” menu that you can click to reach the edit page. You can edit and update the modules and styling of an existing template.

How can I Delete the templates?

One record is deleted by selecting the “Delete” from the “Actions” menu of a specific template in the table. Multiple records can be deleted by ticking the checkboxes under the first column of the table to select the records and then pressing “Delete” under the “Actions” menu placed above the right corner of the table.

How can preview a template?

If you want to see how the template appears before you can use it in your campaign. You can click the first icon under the “Actions” menu to open the preview of the template.

How can I send a test email?

If you want to see how your template will eventually appear in the inbox of your recipients, send it to yourself first. Click “Send test Email” and the option to provide an “Email” to receive the test and select the “Sending Server” will appear on your screen.

How can I use HTML templates in my campaigns?

You wouldn’t need to follow any complex procedure like exporting or copying anything and then go to “Create new Campaign” and paste in the HTML editor source to use the template. The process is as easy as just clicking “Create Campaign”, and you’ll be redirected to the Create Campaign page having the template selected for the new campaign to set. You’ll just need to follow the regular process of filling out the campaign details, and your HTML campaign is ready to send. Click the following link to learn more about setting up a new campaign.

How can I set up an Email Campaign?