How to reduce email bounce rate

Uh oh, you bought/scraped a huge list and was like “whooo, I am going to be rich in two days”. You started sending and soon you realised your delivery rates aren't that good and a lot of your emails bounce. So you asked your friend an expert for an advice and he stopped answering your calls since he has no idea what to do. Follow this tips to reduce email bounce rate and to get your bulk email system work instead of you.

Do it like a pro

It's not easy being a spammer. I know most of my customers are and I have to deal with their problems all the time. But since I also started like a spammer I had a good background knowledge and my so called perfect bulk email system (my customers gave it this name) is built from step 1 to achieve best possible results no matter where you got your lists.

So a quick answer to our question “How to reduce email bounce rate” is very simple switch to my bulk email system by following my step by step guide.



What do we want?

reduce email bounce rateWell it's pretty obvious, in short, we want a system for bulk emailing with:

  • IP rotation
    So emails you sent will rotate between available IPs. This way you can send more emails without reaching the limits
  • Domain masking
    If you sent a lot of emails you will want your system to use domain masking to ensure links in your emails rotate between available domains
  • Smart queue with domain specific rules
    So you can set hourly limits like this. Sent 200 emails per hour to Gmail, 300/h to Yahoo, 400/h to Hotmail and 500/h to all domains that do not have their own rule
  • Automatic bounce processing
    To make sure you don’t send emails when they are being blocked. If possible redirect them to another IP or wait until blocking drops.
  • Automatic spam complaint processing (FBL)
    Ensure that when your contact press on “This is spam” button they also get unsubscribed from your lists to prevent delivery to spam folder
  • Ability to use spintax everywhere
    Spin subjects, content, images, buttons, links to avoid spam filters and to make sure not all emails you sent looks the same
  • All necessary records including SPF, DKIM and DMARC
    To ensure you pass all checks and to make everything work
  • Automatic reputation monitoring and backoff rules
    Even in worst case scenario things will be handled without your interference
  • Easy and user-friendly email marketing software
    Forget about Interspire, MailWizz, Sendy, etc they require too much work and clicking around to do anything and don’t have all featured we want. I’ll show you email marketing system that I personally use and will make your life a lot easier. It’s like a mix of all the best features and add-ons you ever saw in in-house email software and ESP providers like MailChimp, AWeber, and similar.

I am ready to reduce email bounce rate on my own

Just follow my step-by-step guide to reduce email bounce rate. You can get all software you need if you decide to follow it.

ninjaHow to reduce email bounce rate
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