What are Spin Tags and how to use them?

In email marketing, spin tags (also known as merge tags or dynamic tags) are placeholders used to personalize emails. These tags are typically used within the email's subject line, body, or other parts of the message to dynamically insert personalized information for each recipient.

For example, a spin tag might be used to insert the recipient's first name into the email, so that each recipient receives an email addressed specifically to them. Instead of sending a generic email that begins with "Dear Customer," the email could start with "Dear [First Name]," with the spin tag automatically replaced with each recipient's actual first name when the email is sent.

Spin tags allow marketers to create more personalized and targeted email campaigns, which can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates. They are often used in conjunction with customer data stored in email marketing platforms or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to ensure that each email is tailored to the individual recipient.

Spin Tags Usage Example

  • In your EMS software go to "Automation>Spin Tags". You should have followed this guide for this to be relevant.
  • Click the "Add Spin Tag" at the top.
  • Name your Spin Tag. In this example, we'll name it "Hello".
  • Under "Values" enter all different ways of saying "Hello" that you can remember.
Spin tags usage example
  • Click "Save" at the bottom.
  • Spin Tag is now created and can be used in campaigns.
  • Click on "Campaigns>Create New".
  • Click the "Shortcodes" button and select your newly created Spin Tag.
Hello spintag
  • Assuming you have the first name of your recipients you can now use this.
Using spintags in Ninja EMS
  • This will generate a unique hello message for your recipients. Let's assume our recipient's name is Tom. Examples: Hello Tom, Hi there Tom, G'day Tom, Whassup Tom, ...
  • Use Spin Tags as often as possible to make each sent email as unique as possible.