Bulk Email Server Guide: Integration with PowerMTA

I don't know why but this is where most of the people get stuck. It is probably because they are tired and already have enough of things they aren't used to doing. Maybe it's a good idea to take a break. Maybe even stop for today and go out, watch a movie, or play a game.

The truth is that this step is really simple and if it didn't exist the whole Mumara to PowerMTA connection step would need about 10 steps to cover everything. Since Mumara is smart enough it will do most of the hard work for us. There are some things that need to be fixed for everything to work but nothing harder than copying/pasting.

First, go to 'Integrations > PowerMTA Settings' and click on + to add a new PowerMTA server. Now it depends on, whether are you using local or external (recommended) PowerMTA. Basically, it's the same you just have to change the IP. The picture below shows how I set up local PowerMTA.

If you are using local PowerMTA you can enter everything apart from root pass (another smart one) exactly like in the picture above. If possible always use localhost and run everything on localhost only. Of course, this isn't possible in the case of external PowerMTA. In that case, adjust all IPs. When done with everything click 'Next'. Unfortunately, you won't see to the very last integration step if you entered everything correctly.

In step 2 enter your IPs and domains separated by commas to appropriate boxes. Make sure they are in the same order as you assigned them in the control panel to save time in the next step. Do everything else like in the picture below. When done click 'Next'.

Since you followed my tip and entered IPs and domains in the same order you assigned them in the control panel the only thing to do in step 3 is to enter all necessary data for each SMTP. For groups, I usually just copy/paste the domain name. Enter From name, From email, and Reply email, and leave everything else as it is. No picture here since this is easier than setting up an account in Outlook. When done click 'Next'.

In Step 4 there is nothing to do so just click 'Next'.

In Step 5 you will finally see if the info you provided in Step 1 was correct. In a case of errors go back and correct your mistakes. If the connection was successful just click 'Next'.

mumara powermta integration

If you did everything correctly you will see something similar as in the picture below and a file called pmta_server.zip will be downloaded. Save this file as you will need it later. Here is its content

  • Bounce.csv - infor about your bounce accounts
  • DKIM.txt - all your DKIM records
  • FDNS.csv - your reverse DNS
  • htaccess.txt - we will need this for domain masking
  • pmta_config.txt - default PowerMTA config file that Mumara creates. Unforgenetly PowerMTA will not start when using this config, but we'll fix this later.
  • SMTP.csv - info about your SMTP accounts

mumara powermta connection

That is it. Your Mumara is connected to PowerMTA. You should be able to send your first email from Mumara but I don't recommend doing it yet. Your configuration is far from perfect. To make it perfect there are still things we must do.

Having problems?
Please use the comments below for your questions. This way other users can benefit from provided answers. Please read this first!

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  1. ninja

    Here are most frequent problems users have in this step.

    None so far.

  2. seban27

    Yes! i have problems with this step. –debug throw this error
    2017-09-23 16:26:29 WARNING (line 80 of /etc/pmta/config-defaults): “dk-sign” deprecated
    2017-09-23 16:26:29 WARNING (line 9 of /etc/pmta/config): deliver-local-dsn deprecated; please use .suppress-local-dsn instead
    Startup error: Error in line 221 of /etc/pmta/config: specification does not match any valid local IP addresses

    1. ninja

      don’t worry too much about deprecated, but you can change them if you want.

      Startup error: Error in line 221 of /etc/pmta/config: specification does not match any valid local IP addresses how ever does mean that you did something wrong in your pmta config file. Again don’t worry about that ad move on. You will get a new pmta config in the step when you will integrate pmta with Mumara.

  3. ljjtfyl3c1sharpd4b

    I am able to connect to the pmta web monitor on my pc, but mumara shows this error when i change the http-access to the main server ip where mumara is installed.
    http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/ is not accesible.

    1. ninja

      Make sure you added IP of server where Mumara is running to your pmta config file

      add a line like this
      http-access IP_OF_SERVER_WITH_MUMARA monitor

      1. ljjtfyl3c1sharpd4b

        It’s fix now, it was cloudfare issue, so use monitor rather then admin?

        1. ninja

          Yes, mumara does not need admin rights. It already has root access to MTA server.

  4. jajboy

    I am finding it difficult linking PMTA to Mumara. PMTA is not working on Mumara after linking. I have configured everything properly but I think something is either wrong with my PMTA or Mumara. Please help me out. Thanks

    1. ninja

      Please provide more info.

      1. jajboy

        My PMTA is not working. I cannot access it via http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080.
        I also tried sending a test email to mail-tester.com but Mumara says “SMTP not working”

        1. ninja

          Looks like:

          – your pmta isn’t running, try using ‘/usr/sbin/pmtad –debug’ and see what you get
          – you are blocking ports for pmta smtp and monitoring in your firewall, open ports you are using

          1. jajboy

            I ran the debug command and it shows pmta is working but mumara sees it as not working

          2. ninja

            Check the ports. Or to test if this really is the problem just disable firewall for now.

            Also, make sure you added your and main servers IP to pmta config and have at least monitor permissions

  5. jajboy

    Im sorry for the inconveniences but The funniest thing is that I didn’t enable my firewall. Also, I have added the IPs to the list. I have two pmta vps presently buy none of them is working

    1. ninja

      try restarting pmta and console. It might be that new config wasn’t loaded yet. you can do this from mumara (if connection as root was successful) or from command line

      can you telnet from main server to pmta server to the port pmta is listening for smtp connections?

    2. jajboy

      can you please help me look into it, if you dont mind. thanks

      1. ninja

        to restart pmta SSH to your sending server and do

        service restart pmta

        to try if telnet works SSH to main server and do


        so for example

        telnet 25

        1. jajboy

          [root@pmta1 ~]# telnet xx.xx.xx.xx 2526
          Trying xx.xx.xx.xx…
          Connected to xx.xx.xx.xx.
          Escape character is ‘^]’.
          220 xx.xx.xx.xx ESMTP service ready

          1. ninja

            OK, pmta is working and accepting connections.

            In Mumara go to “SMTP Accounts > View SMTP Accounts” and edit your SMTP account.

            Check SMTP Host and set it to your sending server IP.
            Check that login credentials are the same as in pmta config.

          2. jajboy

            I have done it but i still get this after clicking test smtp

            “Email cannot be sent using SMTP due to following error.
            SMTP Error: SMTP connect() failed.”

          3. ninja

            Send login info to email you got from live support and I’ll check.

  6. leonardos

    I´m having pretty much the same issue here Ninja. I´ve been weeks trying to solve this on my own, I used both Mumara and Mailwizz and for some reason my main server cannot connect to the the external PMTA server. I always get a “Connection Refused 111 Error”.

    Even more importantly, Mumara can’t login using my SHH credentials, even when I using the exact same credentials to login from my computer without any issues.

    I double and triple checked the firewall and everything else to not avail.

    Additionally, Mumara can’t connect to the web monitor even when I can connect using the exact IP and port.

    These are the error messages shown by Mumara:

    Notice: Cannot connect to xx.xx.xx.xx:22. Error 111. Connection refused in /home/account/public_html/folder-name/modules/phpseclib/Net/SSH2.php on line 0
    http://xx.xx.xx.xx:port/ is not accesible
    SSH Login Failed

    Can you please help me?

    1. ninja

      Send root for both servers and mumara login credentials.

  7. pritich

    I used ESP setting->create sending server and am able to connect to pmta using port 8083 of vetsa, using the external pmta server ip but it is showing inaccessible, although it shows the disk status, memory status. Not showing the ‘pmta is running’. Shows a basic config. As per your guide, i had installed pmta in external server, but out of these two commands 1.service pmta start
    2.service pmtahttp start, 1 failed and 2 was success. On checking debug file it showed some issue with port which you had commented will be taken care of during mumara integration. “Now your PMTA should work but might return an error due to port 25 already being used by exim. We’ll fix this when we’ll connect PMTA to EMS.” Can you advice what i need to do next? Also which will be the pmta http port? On using 80 or 443 , showing pmta service failed.
    ” pmta.service – Port25’s Message Transfer Agent (MTA) Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/pmta.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Thu 2017-10-05 11:45:55 UTC; 1h 50min ago Process: 11210 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/pmtawatch –start pmtad (code=exited, status=2) Oct 05 11:45:54 vps-1 systemd[1]: Starting Port25’s Message Transfer Agent (MTA”

    1. ninja

      Do not use port 25 for PMTA since it’s already used by Exim. Change it to something else. After that restart pmta and if everything else is ok in config it will start. Disk usage, etc can be displayed since Mumara have root access to your server.

      PMTA monitoring port is set in the config file so it can be whatever you want it to be. Search for “http-mgmt-port”

  8. pritich

    Hello, I’m not able to access the pmta monitor although pmta installation is showing OK. Pls advice. Trying for 2-3 days but not resolved.

    1. ninja

      Did you add the IP you are trying to access monitor to pmta config file? Add

      http-access IP monitor

      and restart pmta

      1. jnyyzzz

        http-access IP Monitor – Do we use the IP of Mumara Server or IP of MTA Server? Thanks.

        1. ninja

          Add all IPs you want to access pmta monitor from

  9. jnyyzzz

    what does ‘link’ in Masking Domain Selector mean? Is there any setting up needed for this?

    1. ninja

      this is the subdomain that will be used for masking. Example link.domain.tld/… will be link in emails

  10. jnyyzzz

    My pmta_server.zip contains only 1 file – htaccess.txt . How do I generate the other files?

    1. ninja

      was the connection to your mta server sucessful?

      1. jnyyzzz

        The connection is not successful. I am using External MTA (Mumara on 1 VPS, PMTA on another VPS).

        Read this page many times, have some questions, hope you can answer:

        1. SMTP Host: Do I use the IP of the Mumara VPS or MTA VPS?

        2. Server IP: Do I use the IP of the Mumara VPS or MTA VPS?

        3. Server username: Do I use the username of the Mumara VPS or MTA VPS?

        4. IP List for Admin Access: Do I enter the IP of the Mumara VPS, or MTA VPS, or both?

        5. IP List: IP address of MTA VPS. If I have more than 1 MTA, all other IP addresses will be entered here, correct?

        6. Domain List: Should the domain of the Mumara VPS be here if I am using External MTA?

        7. Masking Domain Selector: If i use ‘link’ as masking domain selector, do I need to upload the .htaccess file to the VPS for each domain? Which folder?


        1. ninja

          1. mta vps
          2. mta vps
          3. this is always root
          4. enter main servers and yours ip
          5. only ip(s) of mta server you are currently adding
          6. no only domain of mta server
          7. yes. /home/user/public_html/

          1. jnyyzzz

            /home/user/public_html doesn’t exist. Do i make the folder in SSH?

            Tried 1-7 above, including making the public_html folder. But MTA does not connect.

            When I click Integrations > PMTA Settings > Configure Server, the page just loads forever and nothing comes out (no memory status, no disk status. The table with columns ‘Server Name, SMTP Host, SMTP PORT, Server IP, PMTA Port’ are all blank.

            Also, what do we do with these files from the zip?
            1. Bounce.csv
            2. DKIM.txt
            3. FDNS.csv
            4. htaccess.txt (I renamed to .htaccess and put in home/user/public_html)
            5. pmta_config.txt
            6. SMTP.csv

          2. ninja

            you must replace user with your username.

            you need to connect to pmta before it will show anything. did you change ssh port? is the port open? maybe try and disable firewall for now and see if that helps.

            1. create bounce emails
            2. this are your dkim keys
            3. rdns, you can ignore this one
            4. yes
            5. copy of pmta config
            6. smtps there were (should) be imported to mumara automatically after integration with pmta

          3. jnyyzzz

            Yes noted that user means my username. Is it correct for /home/user/public_html to be inexistent? Do I create the folder manually in SSH, or is should it be created already by a previous step?

          4. ninja

            the folder must be there. if it’s not something isn’t right.

  11. allisong

    this is my error here

    Startup error: Error binding socket to :::25, status = EADDRINUSE

    1. ninja

      port 25 is already in use by exim. change it to something random in pmta config

  12. pritich

    Pls suggest on the below:
    pmta.service – Port25’s Message Transfer Agent (MTA) Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/pmta.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: active (running) since Fri 2017-10-13 11:52:01 UTC; 2 days ago Process: 776 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/pmtawatch –start pmtad (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 791 (pmtad) CGroup: /system.slice/pmta.service ├─789 /usr/sbin/pmtawatch –start pmtad └─791 /usr/sbin/pmtad Oct 13 11:52:00 instance-1 systemd[1]: Starting Port25’s Message Transfer Agent (MTA)… Oct 13 11:52:00 instance-1 pmtawatch[776]: 2017-10-13 11:52:00 WARNING (line 80 of /etc/pmta/config-defaults): “dk-sign” deprecated Oct 13 11:52:01 instance-1 systemd[1]: pmta.service: Supervising process 791 which is not our child. We’ll most likely not notice when it exits. Oct 13 11:52:01 instance-1 systemd[1]: Started Port25’s Message Transfer Agent (MTA).

    1. pritich

      i didnt get a pmta_server.zip downloaded. Also above errors in the “configure server” option in esp-“create sending server” option as the mumara esp version does not have a “add a pmta server” option. So what to do to solve above error.

      1. ninja

        In ESP pmta is added in another location. Menu is a bit diffrent and it’s called sending servers not pmta.

        Also I would suggest you go with Pro since you have enough problems. ESP is even harder to setup.

    2. ninja

      Why are you using centos7?

        1. ninja

          no. no need but centos 7 will show this notice, thats all.

  13. pritich

    Ok, So i let Centos be 7 and reinstalled to mumara pro version. pmta monitor is working. connecting to bounce email. got the zip file. But smtp connect() failed and domain masking failed. for domain masking i used a separate domain then the main domain . what can i check?

    1. pritich

      Waiting for your reply please

      1. ninja

        please send me all your logins to email

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