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Table of Content


1. Intro

A few words about server specifications and my suggested way to manage all your domains.


2. Main Server

The Main server is the server where your Email Marketing Software (EMS) such as Mumara, MailWizz, Interspire Email Marketer, ... is installed. Since we are getting ready to set up a bulk email server with an option to scale it up if needed I recommend you pick a bit more powerful VPS for it.


3. Sending/MTA Servers

MTA server is a server where PowerMTA is installed. These servers are doing all the sending. This is just one layer of protection to keep your MTA servers away from your Main server. In case there is ever a problem your main server will never be taken down since it's not doing any sending at all. MTA server can be any budget VPS with at least 1GB RAM.


4. Email Marketing Software Configuration

Important things that need to be done in Email Marketing Software we are using to make everything work as it should. Do take the time and go over Full EMS Guide. All EMS features are described and explained.


5. Connecting EMS to PowerMTA

The part where most people would give up, but hey if you followed my suggestion your Email Marketing Software will fully integrate with PowerMTA with just a few clicks.


6. Before you press SEND!

I know you are eager to start sending but please read these suggestions as they will help you with your deliverability and keep your Sender Score high.

Quick Bulk Email Server Guide

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Quick Guide is divided into three parts:

Main Server Install

In this step we'll setup a server we'll use for our Email Marketing Software (EMS) Mumara. If needed this server can also be used as an MTA (not recommended).

MTA Server Install

In this step we'll setup our MTA server and install PowerMTA. This step covers both internal and external MTA setup.

PowerMTA Management Console Install

For those with external MTA servers (recommended) here is a step that will make configuration and monitoring of all your PowerMTA servers easier. This step is optional.

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