Bulk Email Server Guide: Basic MTA server configuration

After the installation of VestaCP we are using as our control panel on MTA servers finished you got login information that looks something like this (you should have this in the text file you created):

username: admin

Go to the URL and log in. If you get a Security alert about unsigned SSL just skip it.

VestaCP login

Now click on "WEB" at the top and then click the green + button to add a new domain. In the form that opens enter the domain, you are using for this specific MTA server. Uncheck "DNS Support" and click "Add".

VestaCP add domain

Once the domain is added click on "MAIL" at the top and hover over the domain so you will see the additional options.

Click on "ADD ACCOUNT" and enter your Account and Password. I suggest you use the auto-generated password option and save all login information to the text file.

VestaCP add user account

Since you are already here now it's a perfect time to create some MUST HAVE emails. Here is a list:

  • postmaster@
  • abuse@
  • fbl@

You will need these email addresses to register for Feedback Loops later. When you are done you can add this emails to your email client or use webmail which is accessible at:


Be sure to check this email regularly as some will send removal requests here.

Having problems?
Please use the comments below for your questions. This way other users can benefit from provided answers. Please read this first!

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  1. ninja

    Here are most frequent problems users have in this step.

    None so far.

  2. seban27

    For the peoble have the problem “ERROR config.inc.php” changed permissions
    “chmod 755 /etc/roundcubemail/config.inc.php”
    and solved

    1. ninja


  3. pritich

    Hello, On trying to access http://hostname.example.com/webmail/ with my hostname, it is saying invalid url. It was working till yday. I am not able to find what is the change. I do know that pmta monitor was not working till yday and i added a line for 8080 port to firewall in the sending server control panel and it started working. Pls advice.

    1. ninja

      try a different port than 8080. I suggest you never pict standard ports as they might be already in use by other services.

      Set the port to something random. You can pick anything in a range from 1024-65535

      1. pritich

        1. Yes i get that. But am unsure where to set the port for webmail. Can you suggest? 2. Not seeing a way out i tried reinstalling vesta :(. Gives error that “Error: php-mysql conflicts with php-mysqlnd-5.6.31-1.el7.remi.x86_64” and “Error: yum install failed” . how do i correct this? 3. Lastly, i created a fresh instance and installed fresh VestaCP but alas the webmail url is showing “config.inc.php was not found.” on a fresh install of vests on a new instance.
        Kindly assist in the above three cases. Thx in advance.

        1. ninja

          1. change the port of monitor
          2. are you sure you had a fresh install? this is usually the case if you have webmin or something on your server.
          3. I think this is also related to 2

          1. pritich

            pls let me know how to change the port for the monitor.

  4. pritich

    i changed http-mgmt-port from 8080 to 8181 in /etc/pmta/config and restarted pmta but monitor is still not accessible. I also opened the port in firewall of control panel.

  5. pritich

    Working now.

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