Finally, it's time to install PowerMTA. Our Bulk Email System will get one of the most important parts which will do all the hard work/sending.

PowerMTA port 25

First, let's see what PowerMTA is according to its creator Port25.

PowerMTA™ is an enterprise-grade infrastructure application for high-volume email built to address the challenges of digital messaging and integrated customer communications. PowerMTA™ provides unsurpassed reliability and delivery execution in a stable SMTP environment with granular connection controls. Superior message throughput simplified set up and configuration and real-time analysis provide our clients with performance, deliverability, and manageability without any further investment in hardware.

Recipient engagement has become the single most critical element in maximizing inbox placement, and only PowerMTA™’s Scheduled Delivery Control™ allows you to truly take advantage of time-based engagement metrics.

PowerMTA™ handles core tasks with greater efficiency, intelligence and control than general-purpose open-source MTAs. Not only is PowerMTA™ the industry-leading outbound sending platform, it can also handle inbound reply messages that have bounced. The performance, integration capabilities, and native intelligence you get built into PowerMTA™ give you a distinct advantage over your competitors who use general-purpose email relays.

How to install PowerMTA

Download the preferred PowerMTA version from the Download section in the Members dashboard to your local computer and extract it.

Now using SFTP in Bitvise copy everything to /root folder.

Connect to your server via the terminal console (SSH) and run the following to install PowerMTA:

cd /root/
cd pmtaXX
yum -y install gdb
rpm -ivh PowerMTA-XX.rpm

Where XX is the version of PowerMTA you are using.

Make some folders

mkdir /etc/pmta/dkim
mkdir /etc/pmta/files
mkdir /etc/pmta/log

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Start PowerMTA & Monitor

service pmta start
service pmtahttp start

Stop PowerMTA & Monitor

service pmta stop
service pmtahttp stop

What if it doesn't work?

/usr/sbin/pmtad --debug

PowerMTA is installed and ready to be connected with your Email Marketing Software. In our case this is Mumara, but you can use it with any EMS (Interspire Email Marketer, MailWizz, Mautic, ...).

Having problems?
Please use the comments below for your questions. This way other users can benefit from provided answers. Please read this first!

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  1. ninja

    Here are most frequent problems users have in this step.

    I have license problems
    There is a difference between /etc/pmta/config (file) and /etc/pmta/config/ (folder). Your license should be a file in a folder /etc/pmta/. So copy license.dat file to /etc/pmta/ folder and rename the file to license (remove .dat at the end). Now your PMTA should work but might return an error due to port 25 already being used by exim. We’ll fix this when we’ll connect PMTA to EMS.

  2. ninja


    /usr/sbin/pmtad –debug

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