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Aff King
United States

Developed a great system that while everything is available to others... I don't see anyone else using. Plus it is well written and concise. If you need an EMS this is the only place to go.

Deepak Kathotia

Very prompt service and provides everything you need to know about bulk emailing with all details.

Jamal B.
United States

I've been buying from this site for over 3 years and they have always been a pleasure to deal with. Customer service is always great. Fast response time and any time I've had issues, they fix it right away. I highly recommend them and will definitely be buying again in the future.

Paul C
United Kingdom

Great advice and run by a very nice man.

Advice is spot on and well up to date. Don't skimp on investing in your email setup, especially if you are an agency and charging your clients to do a good job of sending out their stuff.


Very good and really in-depth bulk email marketing tutorials. This step by step guide makes it possible to set up a perfect bulk email system even for completely beginners...

Awais Shah
United States

This website have most helpful knowledge about Email Marketing and SMTP Servers.

Literally, I didn't find such in-depth analysis and resources anywhere else.

Syed Asad

Brilliant stuff. I found this site when I was totally fed up with the dummy/fake or unexplained guides and was on the edge of losing it.
Now I have the best EMS setup possible 🙂
Thank you, Onyx

Michael Demoni

He is the best and tutorial at its best and easy to understand. recommended by me