The system automatically keeps a record of activity and events performed by different users and maintains a log of this activity under the activity logs. The user with the admin rights/admin user will be able to see the activity performed through his user account as well as the activity performed by the other users. However, the other user accounts with limited rights will only be able to see the event activity performed through their user account. Click “Activity Logs” under the “Tools” menu of the main navigation.


Under the first column activity, the system displays the event or activity performed from any of the user accounts. In most cases, it shows the username email of the user account in the braces to show that this particular user has performed this activity. The logs list would include simple sign-in and sign-out events, as well as the logs of activities such as creating the list, adding a sender domain, adding a sending server, and such.


You’ll get to know the profile name of the user account under this column, i.e. demo in case you are viewing the activity in the demo account.


So far, the log table has provided you the information about the activity being performed, and the user account using which the activity is being performed, and now under this column, the table will reveal the date when the event/activity is being performed exactly.