This article is about adding a new recipient list to your Ninja EMS account. If you already have worked with some CRM or Email Marketing Software before, you’ll find the procedure simple, as functions like these follow a global standard. If you are new to all this, the following article will guide you step by step through the process of adding a new recipient/contact list. After signing up for a new account, the recipient list is something that you’d need to set up as the first step toward sending your sales or marketing emails.

In this article…

  • How can I set up a List within Ninja EMS?
  • How can I send a confirmation email to the recipients on the list?
  • How can I send an email notification?


The group refers to a collection of lists belonging to a certain category. Click the small plus sign to add a new group. Or select an existing to assign a recipient list to the selected group.

List Name

Give a name to the recipient list you are adding, i.e. “Sales Navigator Leads”, or “Hiring Managers” according to the sort of recipients that are later required to be added to the specific list.

Sending Server

Select a Delivery Service/SMTP server from the list of already existing delivery services, mail relays, or mail servers you’ve added. If you haven’t added a sending server yet, click the plus sign to add a new sending option. Ninja EMS offers more than a few options to add email delivery services like Mailgun, AmazonSES, and SendGrid or even configure your account with a custom SMTP server i.e. PowerMTA. Your selection of the sending server will enable the application to use the settings for sending Confirmation and Thank You emails.

Custom Fields

If you want to associate some custom fields like First Name, Last Name, Gender, DOB, etc. The custom fields are the fields you can create to save contact information other than just email.

Double Opt-In

If you want to send a confirmation email to the recipients that will later be added to this specific list, select “Yes” from the dropdown options, and select “No” otherwise. Double opt-in is a way of collecting subscriber information, the process in which the subscribers’ email is confirmed through an email sent carrying a confirmation email to change the status of the recipients as confirmed.

You can check Pages/Emails under the Layouts on the main navigation to find out the Confirmation Email.

Welcome Email

Welcome emails are usually sent followed by the successful confirmation of the subscriber’s email, welcoming the recipients to a specific list/service. You can check and edit the content of the welcome email by clicking Layouts and then Pages/Emails.

Unsubscribe Email

Unsubscribe emails are usually sent followed by the successful unsubscription of the subscriber’s email. You may control the unsubscribe emails of the list either sent or not


A dropdown with two options to enable email notifications or keep notifications disabled if you enable notifications, further two fields will open up.

a) Notification Email

Provide an email address in this field where you want to receive the email notification upon the completion of certain actions.

b)Notification Criteria

Select one or multiple actions to qualify for sending a notification email, i.e. when a recipient is added to a list within the application, a notification email will be sent to the email provided in the “Notification Email” field.