After you have assigned drips to a specific group you’ve created, it is time to learn the way of sending the drips on the schedule you’ve set for them.  

In this Article

  • How do I send the Drip sequence?
  • Where can I view Scheduled Drips?

Click “Schedules” under the “Drips” from the main navigation to land on the page where you’ll be able to view the drip groups in the sending queue and will also be able to set up a new drip group/sequence for sending. So, the first part is setting up the drips for sending.

Sending the Drip Sequence

Click the button from the left side to start setting up a new drip group/sequence. It needs the following preferences, settings, and fields to be filled in to complete the process.


The recipient of the drips will not be able to see this name; it is for the internal system and acts as a sending reference.


Since a sequence of emails/drips is assigned to a drip group, to initiate the sending process of the drips on a preset schedule, a drip group should be selected. Once a group is selected for the sending queue, the system will automatically process the sending of the drips on the schedule you’ve predefined for them while creating. Drips with “Instant” status will be initiated soon after the group is moved to the sending queue, while the drips with “After-X number of Time” will be sent on their present time interval.


Recipients of which list do you want to send the drip(s) of this group? All existing lists are arranged under their specific groups. You can select one list, lists in one group, or multiple lists belonging to multiple groups.

Sending Server

Select a mail delivery service or a sending server from the list of available options you’ve configured with your Ninja EMS account. If you haven’t configured any sending option yet, you won’t be able to complete this process. Click the following link to learn to add a sending server or mail delivery service in Ninja EMS.

Send to Existing

You can select the preferred option from the following two

  • Yes) if you want all the recipients across the selected list(s) to receive the drip emails, select this option.
  • No) if you want to send drip emails only to the recipients added after the “Drip” is created. It would be a helpful option if you are sending a customer journey to the recipient, starting from a welcome email, and you live feed recipients from a web form or API directly to the list.

Click “Save and Exit” to save the preferences and initiate the sending process of the Drip Campaign, or click “Exit” to cancel and exit from the process.

How can I view Drips in the sending queue?

When you’ve got a few drips in a sending queue, you can see the records being populated in the view table. The status of drips being processed for sending can be viewed by clicking “Schedules” under the “Drips” on the main navigation. Each row of the table shows a separate drip group and the columns show the following set of information concerning the drip campaign.

  • Name- It represents the sending label of the specific drip campaign; each row shows information of a drip campaign against its sending label/name.
  • Group- The group carries the drip email sequence
  • Status- It can be paused, resumed, or finished according to the current state of the drip campaign.
  • Created- The date when the drip campaign was added to the sending queue

Under the Actions

How can I Edit the Sending preferences of a drip campaign?

The first icon among the three actions under the actions column will help you perform the edit function. You can edit the Sending Server, Recipients’ list, and other sending preferences, but you can’t change/update the earlier selected Drip Group.

Where can I see the stats of my Drips in a Campaign?

Stats of drip campaigns are separately managed on a different page that can be accessed directly from the main navigation under the “Statistics”, or can also be reached by clicking “Statistics” under the action menu to see the stats of a particular drip campaign.

Statistics of Drip Campaign

How can I delete a Drip Campaign from the Sending Queue/List?

Like other view pages across the Ninja EMS, you can perform the delete action for a specific drip campaign (a record) by clicking “Delete” from the record-based action, the last column of the view table. Or you can select multiple drips from the table and move to see the delete button placed slightly right side above the view table.