If you are looking to create awesome HTML email campaigns without knowing how to code a single line, Ninja EMS has a suitable function for you to use which you will create professional email designs without getting any help from the designer/developer. Let’s get started.

In this Article..

  • How can I create HTML email templates in Ninja EMS?
  • How can I use the Drag and Drop email builder?

The second link “Templates” under the menu “Forms-Layouts” will lead you to the page where you will be able to set up a new template by clicking the “Create New Template” button.

The Drag and Drop Builder

The templates builder is divided into three panes to easily work with the function. The following area discusses the elements on the drag-and-drop builder, and how to use them for creating an HTML email template to later use in your campaign.


Clicking the components from the menu will show several modules to select suitable for the header, content area, and footer.  You can scroll the middle pane down to see all available modules. You’ll drag the module you want to use for your template from the middle pane and drop it in the right-side empty area of the builder. It is how you work to complete the modules (Header, Content Area, and Footer) for the email template.


If you want additional styling options for the font, background color, storage, and positioning of the background image, you can select the module from the builder area and click styling to explore these options.


If you want to export the template you’ve created using the drag-and-drop builder, you can do this in the following formats.

  • HTML- It will export the HTML of the template you’ve created using the builder
  • Zip- It will export the template in the Zip format.

Using the Shortcodes

There is a small button placed slightly above the template builder process area, right beside the label Template Builder. You can click the button to open up the shortcode options. Clicking the desired shortcode will copy the shortcode and will keep it in the clipboard until you paste at the desired area of your module. Shortcodes are used for personalization and for adding dynamic values to your content. If you want to learn more about the shortcodes and how they are used, you can follow the link.

More on shortcodes


The right side pane or the builder area has the “Name” field at the top. This is the name the email template will be saved with, in the system and later appear in the view table with the same name you provide here.

More Options

If you hover on any module in the builder section, a menu appears on the left side of the selected module. The top icon is for the styling option that we already have discussed while the three icons are for the following purposes.

  • Copy– Clicking the copy icon will copy the module down in the builder area.
  • Source– If you want to view the module source, click the source (middle) icon and the source starts appearing under the module in the builder area.
  • Delete– If you want to remove any module from the template progress/builder area.

There are a few more icons towards the bottom of the right side pane (builder area).

  • Preview– Two small icons to click and have a mobile and tablet preview of the template you are building
  • Clear– If you want to clear the progress (builder) area by removing all currently selected modules, click clear to have an empty progress area once again.