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A Perfect Bulk Email Server Network

I am sending bulk emails and setting up bulk email servers for almost 15 years.

After years and many tests, I came up with a system that is easy to setup and use.

A bulk email system with no rules and no limits.

I prepared an extended guide that will teach you and give you everything there is to know about bulk email systems, their setup and configuration.

You will also get access to all the best software used by big boys in this industry.

Did you notice I said "Bulk Email System" and not "Bulk Email Server"?

Yes, we are not talking about one server. We'll set up a network of email servers to ensure best possible deliverability, security and of course income.

My whole system is made out of two parts

The Main server where Email Marketing Software (EMS) is installed and sending servers where PowerMTA is installed.

Since the lists, I sent to aren't actually mine it is normal that from time to time my sending servers are taken down due to spam complaints. Let's take a look at what happens when you have:

Everything on one server

In case there is ever a problem you will lose everything and if you don't have a backup and let's be honest, most don't, you will be forced to start from scratch. Can you imagine all those hours of work lost? And guess what, all emails you already sent out and links in them will become useless.

Multi-Server Install

Now let's take a look what will happen in the same scenario, but this time with my setup. You got so many spam complaints that your VPS provider decides it's time to take you offline. Since all complaints are regarding one MTA only that server will be taken offline. Your Main server and other MTAs will keep working and continue sending emails.

You will have to setup a new sending server but by using my guide this shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes once you get used to the process.

Do you see the difference?

Of course, it is more work, but believe me, it is worth it. After you get uses of the income and your whole bulk email system is taken offline you will never sleep again.

For me, meh, doesn't really affect me, a few clicks and it's back.

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