To be completely honest all VPS and Dedicated server providers allow bulk emailing. This is a normal part of every successful business.

What they don't allow is spam, but even the cleanest list can and will get spam complaints. Just imagine a subscriber that just lost his job and the first thing he or she gets after that is a promotional email for expensive vacations. Or a girl that just got dumped receiving a newsletter from a store that sells man clothes. She planned on buying something there, but, umm, no boyfriend now. They have to put their anger out so you get a spam complaint. One isn't that bad but if you send to a big list?

Now, I will completely change the topic and will tell you something else. My exact system setup and you will soon see how this is actually related to our topic we just dumped.

So, what surprises most about my setup is that I only use servers with 1 IP. Compared to 128 IPs that a lot of my members have on one server, well, I guess, I might not be a ninja or even come close to it.

But wait, why do so many members with working bulk email servers dump their old ways and follow me. WTF am I doing they like so much?

Let me first tell you about my main server. This is where my Mumara and PowerMTA Console (NOT PowerMTA) are installed.

Here are specs:

  • 1 IP
  • CPU six cores Intel® Xeon® E5-2630v4
  • 24 GB RAM
  • 600 GB SSD

Price: 14.99 € / month

Since this server has never sent an email I can pay for it upfront and get an even lower price. There are no risks of it being taken down. This server isn't doing anything wrong.

Besides this, I, of course, have other servers. This are my MTA servers where PowerMTA is installed.

Here are specs:

  • 1 IP
  • Min 1 CPU
  • Min 1 GB RAB
  • Min 20 GB HDD

Price: ~2€ / month

To be completely exact I have 64 servers with specifications similar the ones above. In other words, this are my slaves and do all the hard work. In my case, they send a lot of emails. In case something goes wrong I can just kill 1 server and setup a new one with the same or different provider. I also try to keep as little servers on each account as possible.

I never pay for more than 3 months up front so in case my server does get taken down my losses are minimal. And even if it does there are still many that are online and I can get a new server up, running, connected to my EMS (Mumara) and ready to start sending in less than 20 minutes.

If you are in bulk email for some time I guess you already figured why people with 128 IPs on one server are starting to switch to my method. If what I just wrote didn't convince you yet here is another.

If you have a server with lots of IPs chances are they are in a range or at least in the same C-class. So once blacklistings start to come (and they will) they may affect all your IPs. In my case, they only affect 1 IP.

Another reason is the price. Costs for my complete bulk email system are

15€ (main) + 2€ (MTA) x 64 = 15€ + 128€ = 143€ per month

Of course, you can scale it up or down as you wish. Any yes, it does involve a lot more work then installing PowerMTA on one server, but in a long run it is worth it.

Let me switch back to our original topic "Bulk Email Friendly Providers". Like I already said you can go with any, just make sure that in case you do get in trouble with your VPS provider it's not your complete system that gets taken down

Start planning for the worst case scenario now! It's a lot easier than to recover from a disaster.

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