Now we already know that PowerMTA will be used for our MTAs/SMTPs. It will take care of your email delivery with its smart queue and domain rules. PMTA will also process your bounces, add DKIM to your emails and so on. There is no better alternative. Some tried, but none came close.

This is from PowerMTAs official page:

PowerMTA™ is an enterprise-grade infrastructure application for high-volume email built to address the challenges of digital messaging and integrated customer communications. PowerMTA™ provides unsurpassed reliability and delivery execution in a stable SMTP environment with granular connection controls. Superior message throughput, simplified set up and configuration and real-time analysis provide our clients with performance, deliverability, and manageability without any further investment in hardware.

This is our new mutant. It combines best features from most used and best similar tools like Interspire, MailWizz, Sendy. It already has all “add-ons” you needed from Maborak to make Interspire up to date with today’s standards. Mumara has it all and its development is ongoing.

This is from Mumaras official page:

MUMARA is our latest innovation, built on over 8 years of hands-on experience and industry exposure. Our primary aim was to provide email marketing industry with an application, capable of handling email list with large records, express speed of performing complicated functions, combined with suite of custom addons and 3rd party integrations, to ensure maximum automation without effecting results. Ever since its release, several clients have trusted MUMARA. We haven’t stop evolving, everyday our employees strive hard to make this product better. MUMARA has this distinct quality of implementing the functionality that the clients of MUMARA desire. We listen to our client’s feedback, and their suggestions provide us the roadmap to make the product more customers centric.

ninjaSoftware we’ll be using