Best VPS server for bulk email sending

So you are searching for VPS for bulk email sending but can't find the right one

Or they closed your account because of spam since let's be honest you are a spammer. Yah I know there is nothing worse than waking up and realising your VPS for bulk email was shut down. I feel you, it happened to me too.

vps for bulk email

But since my income relies heavily on my email campaigns I had to make sure it doesn't happen too often. If anyone tells you they can host your VPS used for bulk emailing and will allow you to send spam don't believe them. They can host it but servers like this are in 99{68e7e9a41b18d877ce48f6781f70190f02eae72a8a860d5cd4744b65c53b0402} of the cases already blacklisted and even if you make a perfect email creative. Well, it simply will not matter since your emails will get blocked by spam filters.

So how to pick the best VPS for bulk email sending

There simply is no best VPS for sending bulk email. They are more or less all equal. Not even their specifications matter that much. Even the cheapest $2 per month VPS can (and is) used to send bulk emails without any problems.

Where is the problem?

Usually when it comes to VPS servers for bulk emailing scenario is like this:

  • You got a huge list of contacts somehow (bought, scraped, … doesn't matter)
  • You are eager to start and you forget one thing. Spam filters do exist. So you go with the easiest possible solution and you are happy.
  • Your bulk emails get delivered but wait. It only took 2 days for your delivery rates to drop drastically?

What went wrong?

Well, among many things it's also your VPS. But don't worry it happened to all of us. It simply is too hard to predict what and how your VPS should be configured. Of course, there are other factors that have a great impact on your deliverability. Most important besides VPS server, of course, is software you use for SMTPs or Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and email marketing application.

How to setup VPS for bulk email sending?

Now we know that almost any VPS will do and that it's important what MTA software is used to deliver your emails and what application is used to manage your lists and create email campaigns. So how to begin? If you think you have enough skills follow my guide that will teach you step-by-step how select recommended VPS providers for bulk sending from our list and how to setup and configure your VPS, your MTA software and email marketing application for successful bulk email sending.

ninjaBest VPS server for bulk email sending
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