Bulk Email Server – How to Setup on Your Own

For many setting up an email server is something they would never do on their own. I too used to ask others for help when I started with bulk email sending. But soon I realised that it would be a lot better if I do this on my own. Here is why:

  • This way I am independent and don't have to pay someone to set up my server
  • I don't have to worry about my lists getting stolen
  • And this is the most important. If you do something for your own personal use you will take care of every single detail that could affect your deliverability.
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ninjaBulk Email Server – How to Setup on Your Own

Perfect buttons for emails

Buttons are always a bitch when it comes to email design and most e-mail marketers (hmm..) get it wrong. Because I am such a nice guy, er, ninja I decided to do some digging and come up with a solution for perfect buttons for emails. Now you can get your buttons displayed across all platforms like a ninja. Just look how lovely they are.

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ninjaPerfect buttons for emails

How to reduce email bounce rate

Uh oh, you bought/scraped a huge list and was like “whooo, I am going to be rich in two days”. You started sending and soon you realised your delivery rates aren't that good and a lot of your emails bounce. So you asked your friend an expert for an advice and he stopped answering your calls since he has no idea what to do. Follow this tips to reduce email bounce rate and to get your bulk email system work instead of you.

Do it like a pro

It's not easy being a spammer. I know most of my customers are and I have to deal with their problems all the time. But since I also started like a spammer I had a good background knowledge and my so called perfect bulk email system (my customers gave it this name) is built from step 1 to achieve best possible results no matter where you got your lists.

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ninjaHow to reduce email bounce rate

How to remove IP or domain from a blacklist

Your IP or domain got blacklisted and now you are probably wondering how I get off it?

Removing an IP or domain from a blacklist isn’t that hard. It will, however, take a lot of your time and in some well all cases it's a lot better to prevent blacklistings before they happen. This can be done with selecting the right software for your SMTPs (it's called Mail transfer agent or MTA) and email marketing application. If you are interested in a system setup that is capable of sending unlimited emails and do everything it can to prevent blacklistings from happen look at the bottom of this post. Now let's get back to the subject how to remove IP or domain from a blacklist.

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ninjaHow to remove IP or domain from a blacklist

Interspire Email Marketer blocked due to content error

A common problem amongst email marketers is that their emails are blocked due to content

To fix it you will have to use Maborak spin addon and use your creativity and imagination. There are of course other ways to see the blocked due to content error as less as possible.

What is causing emails to get blocked due to content?

blocked due to contentIf you look at your delivery logs you probably noticed that some hundred emails were successfully delivered before they started to bounce with error message “blocked due to content”.

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ninjaInterspire Email Marketer blocked due to content error

How to send mass email

Want complete freedom when you send mass email? The best way is to host everything on your own server.

send mass emailDon't worry, it's not as hard as it sounds especially since I have a step-by-step guide you can follow. If you’ll follow my guide your system will be able to send mass email.  It will also “do” everything to avoid blacklistings and getting a reputation of a spammer.

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ninjaHow to send mass email

How to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted?

Your search ends here. Here is the answer to your question and I'll also show you how to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted. Monthly costs can be as low as a few bucks but I recommend a system for around $30-$40 per month.

So you got a huge list of contacts that I am sure you got from your double-opt-in form on your website 😉 and now you got an idea.

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ninjaHow to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted?