How to send mass emails without spamming?

I will answer your question and show you how to send mass emails without spamming. Monthly costs can be as low as a few bucks but I recommend a system for around $35 per month.

So you have a huge contact list that I am sure you got from your double-opt-in form on your website 😉 and now you have an idea.

What if I send mass emails to all these contacts? Hell even if only 1% converts it will make you rich!

But then soon you realise that it's not that easy. ESPs like MailChimp and AWeber closed your accounts minutes after you imported your contact lists. Your VPS got blacklisted and your delivery rates dropped to the point where sending had no point anymore.

send mass emails

So how to send mass emails?

The answer to our question “how to send mass emails without spamming” is rather simple. You need domain rules, domain masking, and IP rotation.

Excuse me?

  • IP rotation means you use many different SMTP accounts so your bulk emails aren't all sent from the same IP. Why? Well, Gmail and others limit how many emails they accept per hour from each IP.
  • Domain rules allow you to tell your MTA how many emails you allow to be sent from each IP per hour/day/… You should also limit the number of connections and email sent per open session.
  • Domain masking helps you hide domain where your email marketing application is installed.
    send mass emails

Is that enough to send mass emails?

Of course not and one important factor is your bounce rate so your MTA software should be able to process bounces automatically and stop sending in case of low delivery rates.

Like that is possible

Of course, it is and this is why selecting MTA software (what powers your SMTPs) is very important and should be carefully selected from the very start.

This is called backoff mode and real MTAs can detect if your emails started to bounce (for example on Hotmail). In case this does happen your MTA should stop sending to that domain. But it should also automatically check every x minutes/hours if delivery is possible and go back to normal sending limits.

Ok, so that is it right, now can I start sending?

No. There is a lot more. First, you need at least one server that is configured in a way that it allows unlimited mass email sending.

Next, you need software that will be used for MTAs. Well, there is only one I suggest you to "choose" from. And it's the same with email marketing software. After testing every single one and almost giving up on everything I found email marketing software that changed my workflow.

Then there are also a lot of domain records you must create. This includes everything from basic A and CNAME records to DKIM and SPF records which are all recommended for mass email sending.

Tell me how to do it!

Oh, right I still didn't give you an answer. The truth is there is no easy answer. The best answer I can give you is to follow my step-by-step guide and configure a perfect mass email system.

Once you have everything configured costs of running a mass email system like this can vary from as low as 3$ and up to unlimited depending on your demands.

I think this is the cheapest and best way to send mass email without spamming or end up blacklisted. Everything you need is a cheap VPS and correct software.